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EHS College/Post Secondary Readiness Toolbox

Will I Achieve my Diploma?

Besides  completing 24 credits (17 are required core credits) you also need to complete at least one,
if not all, graduation pathways:

  1. Meet or Exceed ELA & Math SBAC graduation scores (State Assessment) AND/OR
  2. Dual Credit in ELA & Math (Running Start ELA/Math, CiHS ELA/Math, EHS Business Communications/EHS Business Statistics) AND/OR 
  3. Meet or Exceed SAT/ACT graduation scores AND/OR
  4. Combination of meeting ELA and/or Math standards 1-3 above AND/OR
  5. Meet standard on ASVAB AND/OR
  6. Complete CTE Program Sequence

(see counselor if you do not meet all the credits and/or not meeting a graduation pathway) 

Find Your Post-Secondary School In WA

Research links below to explore post-secondary options in Washington State.

Preparing for College/Post-Secondary Options

The junior and senior year are critical times to reach career choices and determine what post-secondary options will best prepare for a successful career of your choice. Post-secondary includes: Military, Apprenticeships, Community & Technical Colleges, Four-Year Colleges, and Universities.  Programs can be have provide credentials with a few months of training, to one to four years or more. Post-secondary options can also build upon each other. Students and the adults in their life can  start by reflecting, researching, visiting campuses and programs, connecting with high school staff and counselors, and more. Currently, some colleges may or may not require SAT or ACT. Taking the ASVAB your junior year can meet a graduation requirement. Essentially, there is a lot to consider. Below are some links and documents to assist with the process.

General Scholarship Information

Overview of searching for scholarships and organizing yourself as you apply for scholarships.

Scholarship Search to Consider

Once you are in "Scholarship Season" (October-June of your senior year) check the Elma High School Scholarship weekly for new scholarships posted. Also, research scholarship opportunities at the post-secondary institution you are considering.

Personal Essays

The purpose of personal essays/statements is for the scholarship selection committee to get to know you. They will determine if you are worth the investment. Do you have a realistic plan? Will you finish? What proof do you have that supports your goals, dreams, etc.? This is an opportunity for you to highlight your future interests and why others should invest and/or select you.

Writing Scholarship Questions

When answering scholarship questions, always follow the rules for word or character or space limit. Maximize on the space provided and answer the question. Once done with an answer, review the question and think about a person who doesn't know you. Did they get a snapshot of who you are and what you stand for? Each answer should provide a focus example that is not repeated. Think about adding education goals, career aspirations, what inspires you, did you overcome adversity or have special circumstances the selection committee should consider? What are your strengths? Areas of growth? Be honest, concise. Present the best possible picture of yourself through a unified application.


Ask adults, that you are not related to, that have had a positive influence on your life and can write a favorable recommendation for you. It is best to seek 3 to 5 recommendations and a variety of people with a request letter and/or recommendation request form. Attaching your resume can also help support your request for a recommendation. Ask beyond teachers/coaches if you can. Also, give people at least a month of lead time and check in with them periodically.


Many colleges/universities and scholarships will require transcripts. These must be requested in advance. Follow the directions on whether an official or unofficial transcript is required. Transcripts from colleges may require a fee to be paid.


Every senior considering any post-secondary education will need to apply for financial aid. Most institutions require it whether you need financial support or not.