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2023-24 Schedules Coming Soon

Elma School District transports approximately 1,000 students to and from school every day on 16 regular and 4 special needs bus routes. Our buses travel over 1,200 miles per day and over 250,000 miles per year. All students enrolled in Elma schools and residing more than one mile from school are eligible to ride the buses to and from the designated bus stops.

Exceptions may be made when traffic or other conditions make walking to and from school hazardous. We use Washington State and Elma School District guidelines to determine these conditions. Exceptions may also be made for students who qualify for special needs transportation.

Students needing to ride to or from school at other than their designated bus stop must bring a note from their parent/guardian and get a bus pass at the school office. Bus passes will only be issued for bus stops that are already established. Please include the child’s name, address and phone number.

Your children will be given a Blue information card to be filled out so that we know and they know who to call in case of emergencies.

Some times may vary by up to 10 minutes on the morning runs.  Please be patient and understanding.  Times may be adjusted as the year progresses.

Please teach your children their phone number and address and make them familiar with your neighborhood as the buses do not stop at each individual house. And remember, bus passes must be renewed each school year.

Contact Transportation Services:

Transportation Supervisor - Caleb Bogar
360-482-2822 ext. 5110

Transportation Secretary - Heidi Peek
360-482-2822 ext. 5109

Transportation Secretary - Heidi Miller
360-482-2822 ext. 5108