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Highly Capable

Elma School District Highly Capable Program Annual Plan for 2020-2021

Elma School District Mission Statement

All students identified as highly capable, who possess extraordinary learning ability, have the right to an appropriate education that provides educational interventions which sustain, challenge and ensure continued growth. Facilitators and teachers must work together to ensure that the education needs including; academic, psychological, and social needs are met in the regular classroom and/or specialized learning setting.


The High Capable Program is determined to address the special needs of Gifted Students. The goals of the program are not limited to but include the following:

  • To provide differentiated instruction appropriate to the needs of highly capable students
  • To identify students who have high intellectual, academic and creative thinking ability
  • To provide an intellectual peer group for participating students
  • To provide teacher training to maximize teacher effectiveness
  • To provide a quality program experience for eligible students at their respective schools