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Ready for Flight - Students Presenting to the Elma School Board

MS Students Presenting to the School Board

Anthony Yanez Ortuno and Manny Vangeus led the charge with their powerful talk on how our students are making their school a more welcoming place. They're not just talking about it; they're taking action, especially against the tough stuff happening online. They're showing us all how leadership isn't just for adults, but something our students embrace with both hands.

Then, we heard from Charlotte Murphy and Nayely Pineda-Moreno in action, sharing their adventures in food class. They talked about triangle taste tests, a cool way to learn about different foods and how to tell them apart. It's not just about tasting; it's about learning, presenting, and sharing their discoveries with the class. This approach gets everyone involved and learning in a fun, hands-on way.

Charlie O'Hagan's story was especially moving. He shared his challenges with accessing parts of our school due to his cerebral palsy. His love for the track and his wish for better access for himself and others with physical disabilities really hit home. It's a powerful reminder that we must ensure our schools are welcoming and accessible for all our students.

Our school board is listening and learning from these amazing students. We've made it a point to hear directly from them at least once a year in each school, ensuring their voices and experiences help shape how we do things.

And there's more to come! On Tuesday, April 9, we're focusing on how our district is getting our students ready for careers and college. On April 23, we'll also hear from the students at East Grays Harbor High School. These meetings aren't just about decisions and discussions; they're about our students leading the way, sharing their stories, and teaching us all a thing or two about making a difference.

So, as we move forward, let's keep celebrating these wonderful moments of student leadership and learning. Our school board meetings have become something special, a place where the voices of our students are not just heard but are leading the charge in making our schools the best they can be. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from our students in the coming meetings!