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Ready for Flight - Elma School District Hosts WAMOA Tour, Highlighting Urgent Facility Needs


The tour also marked the transitional phase of East Grays Harbor High School moving into the Annex, addressing the district's immediate responses to enrollment growth challenges. However, the current reliance on portables, now exceeding their life expectancy, signals an urgent call for sustainable, long-term facilities planning. At Elma Elementary, the visitors witnessed firsthand the creative yet inadequate solutions for student housing. Classrooms repurposed from former gym bathrooms and a stage transformed into a full-time learning space paint a vivid picture of the district's ingenuity against the backdrop of facility constraints. 
In a proactive move, the district's board recently approved the reallocation of remaining capital project funds to acquire a new portable to alleviate some pressure at the Elementary School. Despite this, the tour made it abundantly clear that the district's burgeoning enrollment, surpassing pre-pandemic numbers, requires a more robust and comprehensive solution.
The WAMOA tour served not only as an eye-opener to the immediate needs but also as a platform for the Elma School District to showcase its commitment to providing quality education despite physical limitations. The visit catalyzes the conversation about the imperative investment in educational facilities to foster learning environments that match the district's academic aspirations and the community's growth trajectory.