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Ready for Flight - Elma School Board Adopts New Goals to Boost Student Success

Graduate on Bus with Portrait of an Graduate Logo

Portrait of an Elma Eagle: Our Collective Vision

Empowering all students for success means more than academic achievement. Through collaborative efforts with parents, community leaders, local business owners, educators, and students, we have carved out a set of attributes that capture our unified vision for Elma's youth.

Why Does This Matter? 

Our children are the future of Elma. Every step they take in school will shape their tomorrows, and these three goals are about ensuring every child gets the best start, stays on track, and leaves school fully prepared for what comes next. Here's why they matter.

1. Early Learning: Preparing Our Youngest Learners 

Every child deserves the best start in life. Getting our kids ready for Kindergarten is about more than just numbers or letters; it's about ensuring they have the confidence, social skills, and curiosity to thrive in school. The Board believes that with the right foundation, our children will soar.

For Parents: Imagine your child entering school already excited about learning and equipped with the basic skills to succeed. This is our promise to you.

2. Mastery-Based Learning: Every Student’s Potential Unlocked

No two children are the same. Mastery-based learning recognizes this uniqueness, ensuring that each student progresses at their own pace, mastering one skill before moving on to the next. It means that every child gets the attention they deserve, and no one is left behind.

For Parents: This approach means your child gets a tailored education, focused on their strengths and needs. It's about recognizing their potential and helping them achieve it, every step of the way.

3. Career and College Readiness: Opening Doors to the Future

Graduating from high school is just the beginning. Whether they're heading to college, a vocational training program, or directly into a career, our students deserve to leave with not just a diploma but a roadmap for success. By focusing on career and college readiness, we're ensuring every student has the tools, knowledge, and confidence to take on the world.

For Parents: We want your child's dreams to come true. Whether they dream of being a doctor, a mechanic, a scientist, or an artist, our goal is to equip them with the skills and opportunities to make it happen.

Join Us On This Journey

The Board's adoption of these goals is more than just a mission; it's a commitment. We believe that, together with the support of our Elma community, educators, and parents, we can make a difference in every child's life. We invite every member of our community to be part of this exciting journey and support our children as they reach for the stars. Learn more at the new district website. 

About Elma School District
"Together, we empower Elma Eagles to reach new heights, fostering a culture of excellence, belonging, and lifelong learning in our community."
Elma School District is committed to equipping every student with knowledge, skills, and resilience. Through innovative programs, dedicated staff, and strong community partnerships, we aim for every Elma Eagle to confidently embark on their unique academic and life journeys. Our strategic plan aligns with AASA's Redefining Ready and the National Superintendents Association workgroup on Career and College Readiness, ensuring comprehensive evaluation of student outcomes.