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Ready for Flight - Elma Health Clinics

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Our community has warmly embraced this initiative, as evidenced by the visible presence of the Dental Bus and other mobile healthcare services right on our campus. This approach not only simplifies access to essential health services but also fosters a collaborative spirit among parents, students, and school staff. Through parental involvement, we tailor these services to meet the specific needs of our students, ensuring every child receives the care they deserve.

We've seen remarkable participation from our families, indicating the value and impact of these services. We encourage all families to explore the benefits of our health clinics by watching our informative video, providing a closer look at how these services contribute to our children's health and academic readiness.

Let's continue to work together for the health and success of our students. For more information, please reach out to us or visit our website. Join us in supporting a healthier future for our children at Elma Elementary.


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