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Ready for Flight - Addressing Our Growing Needs

Covered Spectator Stands

The feedback from community events held last spring conveyed strong concerns about effectively addressing student growth without a solution for our athletic stands. Adding to this complexity, the costs presented for addressing the athletics facility, particularly installing turf fields, have been met with resistance due to their high price point. Given the current location of Davis Field, below the water table, installing turf poses flood risks. To counter this, the alternatives include relocating the athletic facilities or implementing advanced drainage systems - both options come with hefty costs.
In response to these challenges, the district has revised the project's focus to covered stands. We're delighted to announce that, based on the current construction market, we can achieve a covered stand solution, using pre-fabricated materials, for under $2 million. Details of this proposition, including plans and renders from the community meeting, are available for review.

Project Overview:

Cost: $1,474,000 (Estimate based on installation starting Q4 2024)
Scope: A grandstand boasting a capacity of 1,235, complete with a fully enclosed back wall, side wind walls, and an 8x24' press box that is heated and insulated.

Freight and delivery of all required materials to the job site.
Structural engineering drawings and calculations, sealed by a Washington-based engineer.
An 8'x24' enclosed, insulated, heated press box, set to replace the existing press box tower.
On-site installation using prevailing wage (non-unionized) labor.


Any taxes, bonds, permits, fees, testing, licenses, etc.
Any demolition of or removal of any existing construction
Any concrete flatwork, foundations or site paving (materials or labor)
Any utility location, relocation or repairs to unmarked utilities
Any enclosures or fencing beneath or around grandstand or exits
Any allowances or work not specifically described above
Estimated Cost:   $500,000

Total Estimate - $1,974,000

Further bolstering our decision to veer away from turf installations are recent studies and articles highlighting potential safety and health concerns associated with artificial turfs. For detailed insights, please refer to articles from leading publications, including Yahoo Sports, Newsweek, and the Wall Street Journal.

At this juncture, we are reaching out to our community for feedback. Your insights will be invaluable in determining if we should delve further into this covered stands project. Our commitment remains clear: ensuring the best possible facilities for our students and community while focusing on fiscal responsibility and future-forward thinking.