Eagle Sky Academy

Eagle Sky Academy (ESA)

This school is a 100% virtual instructional program for the 2020-21 school year utilizing FuelEd. ESA will not have ANY potential in-person instruction, regardless of changes to COVID related issues. The curriculum is state-approved for each grade level K-12. Students work independently with the support of an online teacher for each class, and oversight from our district to develop and monitor a personal learning plan. This program is “Parent Directed, Teacher Supported”.


The administrator overseeing the Eagle Sky Academy will be Julie Crawford. Please contact her at 360-470-0716 or email at jcrawford@eagles.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What other option is available aside from ESA?

All our other schools (Elma Elementary, Middle and Elma and East Grays Harbor High Schools) will continue to operate on a remote or in-person model depending on levels of COVID in our county. Students who continue their enrollment in their traditional schools, will have a full academic program made available. The key difference between Eagle Sky Academy and the other 4 schools in the district is the exclusive virtual only configuration of ESA. The other 4 schools will prioritize and provide in-person instruction whenever it is safely and feasibly possible. ESA will not have ANY potential in-person instruction, regardless of changes to COVID related issues.

2.    Can my student change between ESA or one of the brick and mortar schools?

No, except at the end of the first semester, which occurs on January 29, 2021. This option will be available for the entire school year, with plans to continue in 2021-22 as well.

3.    Who will oversee ESA and support my student?

ESA will have a principal assigned to the program, who will assist with administration, academic and other types of support and a small team of teachers and support staff who will provide some instruction and support for issues beyond academics. While an Elma staff person will be available to oversee and monitor this program, the staff person would not be specific to a student’s normal grade level or subject area. The curriculum and most instruction for all students enrolled in ESA will be provided by a contracted on-line service, while some support and supplementary instruction would be from Elma staff.

4.    What will instruction look like for my student?

ESA will be a computer-based, independent learning program. Grade level content and assignments will be provided daily via the on-line program. This may be in the form of interactive lessons, a reading passage, digital worksheet, etc.

5.    Who will be providing the online curriculum?

We will be using FuelEd to provide this support.

6.    Is there a cost to enroll in ESA?

No. As one of the programs in Elma School District, this virtual academy is free to any Elma School District students.

7.    What student is this program best suited for?

While there may be a variety of reasons families may consider enrolling their student in ESA, here are some indicators of predicted success to help guide your decision. These indicators are based on our research with the online learning partner we have explored; we believe students who will be most successful in ESA could best be described as followed:

·      My student is an independent learner with strong initiative and organization skills.

·      My student needs very minimal accommodations or supports to be successful.

·      My student will not need connections with grade level peers.

·      My student (or their family member) has health risks that would make any level of in-person instruction dangerous.

If these indicators do not describe your student’s learning needs, we strongly suggest you meet with your student’s principal prior to enrollment to learn more about the learning opportunities that are part of the elementary, middle, high or EGHHS programs.

8.    Will a technology device be provided to my student to use for Eagle Sky Academy?

All students in the Elma School District regardless of program enrollment in Eagle Sky Academy or the brick and mortar buildings will have an individually assigned Chromebook checked out to them for the year.

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