East Grays Harbor High School

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East Grays Harbor Alternative High School 


East Grays Harbor Alternative High School is a high school for students interested in earning a high school diploma within a program that offers alternative learning opportunities, based on student need and individual choice.

Established in 1992, East Grays Harbor Alternative School success is based on building meaningful partnerships between teachers, students, their families, and the community. We encourage students to achieve mastery of learning standards based on flexible, but specific assessment models,  that emphasize that learning is partnership built on good communication, and the expectation of student engagement. 

We are a school community that values and respects the individual and their unique circumstance.  We recognize and honor the need for student academic success through self-determination.


705 Waldrip Street
Elma, WA 98541
Phone: 1-360-482-5086 Fax: 1-360-482-2109